Brick wall texture

brick wall texture

Enlarge Texture (1280x1024px): Brick wall texture

Download JPG File: Red brick wall texture
Resolution: 5000x4000px
File Size: 5.55MB


One comment on “Brick wall texture
  1. Tex Becker says:

    This is a fantastic texture and almost exactly what I have been seeking (I needed white bricks for a “Stars and Stripes” theme living room picture). Google floods searches with all those sites that sell photos, so this picture was quite a ways down the search results, but, imo, this is better, by far, than most of the other pictures I saw being sold.
    I plan to take a peek around to see what other wonderful goodies you have hidden away here, but I wanted to stop to let you know how much I appreciate your offering quality backgrounds in a large size.

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